We have had the opportunity to use Rod Neufeld and Niagara Heights Construction company on 2 separate occasions in the past 12 years. The first being our coloured stampcrete walkways that look as good today as when poured over 10 years ago. Rod and his crew have come back several times over the years when necessary to clean and re-seal the stampcrete, which freshens and makes appear new all over again.

The most recent project was an inground pool in summer of 2012. Niagara Heights did a beautiful job of combining an earth tone color with a 2 foot stampcrete skirt around the pool, smooth on the childrens arms and legs when in the pool and an exposed aggregate finish to the remaining pool deck area. It looks great and is very unique. The surface glistens under the sun and slows the kids down with running around the exterior. A great combination.

Rod and his crew were always extremely professional with their work and consulted us on all decision making thoughout the projects. There were no decisions that we felt pressured into making. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Niagara Heights Contstruction Inc. to anyone who may be in the market. The quality of the work and the ease of dealing this crew made our decision to use them an easy one.

Cindy and John Kohinski
Ridgeway, ON

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